Pearl Jam & Votion

Pearl Jam was looking to generate buzz about their upcoming tour and for a new way to engage with their fanbase. They, also, wanted a way to capture email addresses of existing and new fans. 


The Idea

Pearl Jam and Universal Music Group partnered with Spotify and Votion to create a 64 song Interactive Bracket where fans could listen to and select their favorite Pearl Jam songs. Spotify streams were embedded into the bracket seamlessly along with other high impact images.

The bracket was split into two modes: 1. prediction mode where users chose the final outcome of the bracket ala March Madness and 2. voting mode where users voted round by round for their favorite songs. 


How It Worked

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam announced the campaign in social channels




This drove tens of thousands of people to the campaign landing page where they had to register to play.




Fans filled out their brackets one by one.




Once prediction mode was complete, voting mode was opened up and fans voted for their favorite songs during 6 rounds of action until a winning song was declared.


 After each round the Votion Leaderboard was updated automatically, where fans could see how their picks were turning out. This encouraged users to come back, each and every round, and see their results. 




Once voting mode was complete, winners were declared automatically by the Votion platform & prize packs consisting of unreleased Pearl Jam tracks and merchandise were issued to the winning fans.

And if you're curious, the winning song was "Black"! It captured 61% of the vote, beating out "Release", which came in 2nd. 


The Results

The results were incredible! Here are some metrics shared with the Votion team: 

  • 500,000+ votes
  • 17,000+ captured emails - including a nearly 100% opt-in rate to receive email updates after the campaign
  • 29%+ month over month increase in overall Pearl Jam streams on Spotify

“We saw a 50% increase in Spotify streams for
Pearl Jam songs during the Bracket

–Mike Sacchetti (Universal Music Group) 


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