RadioTimes & Votion

RadioTimes, one of the largest and most successful TV and Radio program listing magazines in the United Kingdom, wanted to create a market buzz about their brand, engage their fans through a campaign and give them a new experience.

For this they partnered with Bracketeers, now part of Votion, and created a bracket voting campaign involving multiple TV genres to determine the 2015 TV Champion based on fan voting.



512 stars in 64 matches from each genre including; Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Comedy, Entertainment, Food, News & Factual, Soap Operas and Sport faced off against each other in the summer of 2015.

After every genre tournament was completed, the winner of each genre would compete in a final tournament to decide who was the ultimate TV Championof 2015. 


RadioTimes created 9 campaigns for this tournament that drove the following incredible results:

  • More than 120 million votes in 9 campaigns
  • 250k+ tweets, Facebook comments/posts
  • Astonishing 42 pages per session and 12:42 average time per session
  • Tweets from Celeberties, Sam Heughan and Ricky Gervais, about the campaign 











After seeing the passion with which their users took part in the campaign and the incredible results, RadioTimes created another campaign called the RadioTimes TV Soap Champion with similar results. 

Check out another fantastic review of the sucessful campaign here.

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