4 significant benefits of using interactive marketing

Text, text and more text! Blogs, podcasts, and presentations can be so wordy that it becomes tedious to read through all of the text. When speaking to your audience, you should be looking at new opportunities to delight, engage, and inform them in fun and exciting ways.

Traditional content marketing such as blogs, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts and presentations allow your audience to read, share, and comment. This is good, but users may leave to look for more, and not all mediums are equally engaging and exciting.

Imagine interacting with your audience in real time – how many more responses would you get? This is where interactive content marketing comes to the rescue. In this blog post, Vinay walks you through what interactive content is, it’s significant benefits, and why marketers should use them in their day-to-day business.

So..what exactly is interactive content?
The best and the simplest way to define Interactive Content Marketing is that it is two-way content that includes quizzes, games, wizards and other mediums that let users engage and interact with the data within the content.


what are the benefits of using interactive marketing and why should you use it?

Words alone may not be good enough these days to engage and delight your customers. Today’s consumers are demanding content that is easy to process, visual and entertaining. Not all the time – there is certainly plenty of room for traditional content – but much of the time. Look at the lift companies like Buzzfeed and YouTube have received by providing interactive platforms.

Statistics shows that 26% of adults who are online are on Instagram compared to 71% of adults who are online on Facebook. However according to Forbes, followers on Instagram are 58 times more likely to engage and share your content per follower. This is a huge difference, and should be considered when running campaigns.

Now let us look through the 4 key benefits of using interactive marketing to boost your company’s growth.

1. Engage large audiences

Interactive content is a value driven two-way dialogue that allows users to interact with the data. With exciting content and visual representation, brands can easily engage a large number of audiences at the same time, and let them participate in their content offering. Through quizzes, interactive videos, contests, polls, etc., marketers can make content more entertaining and that will help them drive higher user engagement.

2. Low cost per lead for lead generation

A recent study has shown that generating leads is the biggest challenge a marketer faces, and 71% of the B2B marketers are using interactive content to generate more leads. You can easily create interesting content and share it on your website, blog, and social-media to generate more leads, and it is comparatively less expensive than traditional content marketing.

3. Useful insight into user behavior

With analytics becoming such a useful tool in today’s business, you can easily track and analyze what, where, and how your users engage with your content. Marketers can identify what’s working with their content and what’s not so they can provide better solutions.

4. Newer ways to tell your story and drive more demand

We have all seen one too many product descriptions that are plain text and written in business speak. Interactive content lets you tell your story and share information about your brand in a new and exciting way by using animated features like walkthroughs or well designed interactive videos. In addition, brackets, polls and surveys can all be used to drive excitement, and should be considered.

In conclusion

Interactive content is a powerful set of tools that marketers can use to boost click through rates, delight users, gather more relevant data and increase ROI from. There are many tools a marketer can use such as quizzes, contests, calculators, voting brackets and polls that could work better than blogs and webinars in getting information about the brand to their target customers. 70% of marketers say that interactive content is effective at engaging visitors/buyers and 88% say that it is effective in differentiating their brand.

If you haven’t started using interactive content marketing to boost your company’s growth, you are missing a big opportunity.