Prediction, Voting & Live Mode Brackets

Brackets capture leads and drive engagement unlike any other product. Why? Because they are uniquely positioned to re-engage and reactivate users over multiple rounds. See how 100’s of leading companies have leveraged Votion to exceed their social & marketing campaign goals.

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Bracket Overview

Brackets are a fun and exciting way to create matchups between 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 competitors over multiple rounds of play. Familiar with NCAA March Madness? We’ve taken the concept of Brackets made wildly popular through the popular basketball tournament and have modified it so that Brackets can be used for any topic!

Bracket Modes

All brackets share the common functionality where competitors play each other in matchups within a round. Winners advance to subsequent rounds until one winner is declared.

Votion offers a few different versions of brackets:

  1. Voting Brackets – round by round voting that enables lead capture, user engagement, and social virality.
  2. Prediction Brackets – let users predict the outcome of the bracket. Run as standalone prediction, prediction followed by voting mode, or prediction followed by live mode. Run as standalone and advance winners on your timeline, based on results you capture from your audience.
  3. Prediction & Voting Brackets – prediction mode followed by voting mode
  4. Live Mode Brackets – perfect for live events, sporting events, eSports, or for a white label NCAA or World Cup campaign. Let your audience predict the outcome of live events. You control the advancement of winners based on real world action.

All brackets include user registration, voting, and prediction data available to be downloaded for other events, marketing campaigns & more.

Customer Testimonial

“The excitement and energy today was huge. What a great finals match and tournament. We created the CWL to celebrate great competition and the best fans in the world. Today lived up to every expectation. Congratulations to Team EnVyUs and thanks to the entire Call of Duty community for making Call of Duty XP the most amazing fan celebration in the world.”

Rob Kostich EVP and GM of Call of Duty (Activision)

Voting mode

In voting mode users choose who they like better in matchups within rounds that are set with a predetermined schedule that can be set in our secure console. Competitors who earn the most votes move to subsequent rounds until a winner of the campaign is declared.

Click here to see a demo voting mode bracket in action.

Prediction mode (predict entire bracket at once)

Let users predict the outcome of the bracket. You can run prediction brackets in a few ways:

  1. Standalone prediction. Let your audience complete their bracket all at once. You can then download the bracket data and tally winners for each matchup. Optionally leverage the leaderboard to reveal winning competitors and users round by round who earned the most number of points based on their predictions.
  2. Prediction followed by voting mode. Open your bracket to predictions for a set amount of time then open up voting mode and enable round by round engagement over hours, days, or weeks.
  3. Prediction followed by live mode. Open your prediction phase for a period of time, then let real world events like the NCAA Basketball tournament, NASCAR races, eSporting events, or other live events determine winners in each matchup. User registration and prediction data is available to be downloaded for other events, marketing campaigns & more.

Click here to see a prediction mode bracket in action or learn more about our NCAA bracket options.


Leverage our leaderboard and social hooks for extra engagement and participation. Run our out-of-the-box leaderboard, or leverage our API and customize however you want!  Prediction data is also available in the data download if you want to use Prediction for an off-line event.

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