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Brackets are a fun and exciting way to create tournament style matchups between 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 competitors. They can run in a wide variety of modes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to name your bracket, choose what size campaign you want to run – brackets can be size 4,8,16,32 or 64, and the type of bracket – predict, vote, or predict & vote.

Types of Brackets:

Voting only – users vote round by round and a winner is chosen

Predict a live event – users predict who they think will win a bracket that is based on either real world outcomes – like the NCAA Basketball tournament. In this mode you manually advance competitors who “win” in real-world events.

Prediction and Vote – users predict outcomes first, then the campaign is opened up for voting
On the dashboard you can see the name of your bracket, Type, Size, Status, Votes, Signups, and when it was created.

You also have an Action Bar that has icons for:

  • Editing your campaign
  • Downloading data in real time (for enterprise clients)
  • Using your embed code to run your campaign on your website or on Facebook
  • Cloning the campaign
  • Resetting the bracket user data
  • Option to delete your campaign

Once you have created your campaign, you can now click on the yellow pencil under Actions to edit your bracket campaign.

Bracket Workflow

Basics tab
You can fill in the information about your bracket’s name, title, description of what your campaign is about, logo, banner image and design your bracket according to your needs. Be sure to click the helper icons to the left of each element to learn more about your options.

Messaging tab
Each messaging section allows you the opportunity to include specific messaging for your campaign for each mode the campaign can run in.

Social tab
Allows the configuration of the social integration controls that will be embedded in the widget. These will be configured for your accounts within these services.

Competitors tab
Here you can fill in the information about your competitors with their names, descriptions, thumbnail image (100×100 recommended) that appears on the bracket and larger image (300×300 recommended) that appears once users click on the competitor to vote. You can also use an embed code from a multimedia file, like a youtube video, if you want to show a video instead of an image. You don’t need to attach an image if you have a video, as the video will run in place of the large image.

Matchups tab
Here you can choose which competitors you want to matchup against each other.

Schedule tab
Now you can go ahead and schedule the timing for all your rounds.

Launching a Bracket
Now you can go back to the dashboard, Preview your campaign, or copy the embed code under Actions and paste the iframe on the page where you want to run your bracket campaign on your site.