Private NCAA Tournament Brackets

Private Tournament Bracket Maker for March Madness

Votion Private NCAA Tournament Bracket’s enable you to showcase your brand while driving massive engagement over multiple weeks coinciding with March Madness. Leverage our platform to power your own private, white labeled March Madness campaigns for the Men’s and Women’s tournaments.

Sponsor Ready

Run gorgeous sponsored campaigns. Customize sponsor placements as well as fonts, colors and more.

Amazing eMail Capture & Lead Gen

NCAA Brackets see incredibly high conversion rates. Leverage this special time of year to drive up your lead capture rates. Add an extra incentive by offering prizes, giveaways, and rewards to those who participate.

How it Works

Getting started is simple, and there is no work needed on your end – we handle setup, configuration and team setup. We also provide hosting and a great looking landing page (or, you may run the campaign on your own site if you prefer).

Users simply register or login, make their predictions, and then come back frequently to check in on how they are doing on the leaderboard.


  • Leverage this once-a-year timeframe while March Madness is top of mind for tens of millions of people nation-wide to drive your brand top of mind.
  • Run as a sweepstakes or giveaway and see your campaign go viral!
  • Drive huge numbers of signups and grow your email list with a simple and easy registration and email capture flow.
  • Captivate users before games start by asking their predictions.
  • Drive repeat visibility by showcasing a leaderboard that’s automatically updated after each round.
  • Drive post-tournament visibility by announcing winners and giving special offers to participants.


  1. Easy to use Predictions for entire tournament, Men’s & Women’s
  2. Customizable look & feel, colors, fonts and more
  3. Full Screen to Mobile layout – works in every channel
  4. Elegant email capture and registration options
  5. Customizable Leaderboard
  6. Full data export and real time analytics

Not just for March Madness

While NCAA Tournament brackets are fun, our flagship product can be run across any topic you can imagine. We’ve seen Brackets created for popular topics like sports, music, movies, and TV Shows, but we’ve also seen incredibly successful campaigns for topics like gardening supplies, consumer products, geniouses, endangered animals and more. To learn more about our Interactive Prediction & Voting Brackets click here.

Examples & Ideas

  • Private NCAA March Madness Brackets
  • Sponsored Campaigns
  • Live events
  • eSporting events
  • Prediction campaigns
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