World Cup Brackets – Group Selection, Prediction & Leaderboard

Get in on the World Cup Bracket action and run your own private label campaign leveraging Votion.

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World Cup Bracket Overview

Thinking about hosting a private label campaign for the World Cup? Look no further – Votion’s World Cup Bracket platform is the industry leader, backed by the same technology used to power the hundreds of March Madness campaigns our clients run each and every year.

How it works

  1. Private tournament branding and registration – you get your own private tournament with a secure account creation, real time data download, and more
  2. Group selection – registered users make group selections
  3. Prediction Bracket – users then continue on from their group selection into the Bracket, where the fill out all teams until a winner is chosen.
  4. Leaderboard – after every round of live play, the system is updated and a new leaderboard is generated

Customer Testimonial

“The excitement and energy today was huge. What a great finals match and tournament. We created the CWL to celebrate great competition and the best fans in the world. Today lived up to every expectation. Congratulations to Team EnVyUs and thanks to the entire Call of Duty community for making Call of Duty XP the most amazing fan celebration in the world.”

Rob Kostich EVP and GM of Call of Duty (Activision)



Leverage our leaderboard and social hooks for extra engagement and participation. Run our out-of-the-box leaderboard, or leverage our API and customize however you want!  Prediction data is also available in the data download if you want to use Prediction for an off-line event.

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