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Trivia & this vs. that campaigns in minutes

Put one element against another then drive users deeper into your funnel wtih personalized calls to action after vote.

  • Stunning mobile first design
  • Targeted calls to action
  • Blazingly fast setup
  • Simple but powerful experience

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The most elegant Polling product on the market

Quickly find out what your audience thinks on any topic.

  • Elegant interactive experience bringing polls to life
  • Run as single select or multi select polls
  • Email capture


Swipe to like for any topic

Fun UX that enables a swipe left to dismiss or swipe right to like across any topic.

  • Mobile first UX
  • Capture user preferences
  • Drive targeted calls to action based in input
  • Capture emails

Interative Lists

Sortable lists users love in a new type of user experience

Interactive Lists enable users to re-rank a list order based on their preference. You set the initial order and they rank their way, save the results, then share with friends.

  • *TrueRank aggregates list rankings
  • Email capture
  • Supports 3 to 100 items

Great for: Product lists, Top 10 lists, Song Lists, Movie Lists, Campaign/Cause based Lists & so many more!