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Micro-campaigns can be set up in minutes.
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Radio Times

Driving engagement in largest Bracket in History

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“We launched yesterday and have well over 500 filled brackets on about 700 registrations, so must be really intuitive experience. Hoping to hit over 1000 entries by Wednesday!”

Derek Weidl
Digital Marketing Specialist
M&M Meat Shops

Surpassed their goal by over 130% in the first 5 days

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The Northern Indiana Tourism Development Committee

Pizza restaurants sold out of ingredients via an online campaign

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"Just one day after the county pizza winners were announced, we had pizzeria owners nearly running out of supplies, their restaurants were so slammed with business. It’s incredibly gratifying to see these mom-and-pop businesses flourish across Northern Indiana."

Robby Bearss
Marketing Manager with NITDC
Pizza Wars Logos
Pearl Jam Madness 2015

+29% month-over-month for Pearl Jam Spotify Streams

+50% Spotify streams of the songs in the bracket

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam with Spotify promoted their tour & increase plays

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Prediction & Voting Brackets

Engagement and Growth through round by round play and built in gamification.

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Interactive Polls


Gain audience sentiment and preferences quickly across any topic through real-time polling.

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Gain valuable knowledge from your customers all with a few swipes.

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This versus That - get customer input at the speed of light and have some fun while doing it.

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Our own take on the tried and true way to test and challenge your audience and drive engagement on any topic.

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Learn about NCAA Tournament Brackets

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Interactive Lists

Never before has a list been so interesting and engaging to your consumers. Publish your list and let users re-rank quickly and easily as their list.

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Easy to Create

Create content fast and with ease. Once you get an account for Console, you can create and manage your content from one place. You can be up and running with a live campaign in minutes!


Brand your campaigns as much as you'd like. Customize Images, Videos and Graphics, include 3rd party font families and more. 

Social Integration

Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social hooks in your campaign to drive more engagement. We take a device specific approach to distribution, so on iOS for example we have native iMessage sharing. On Mobile we have WhatsApp 1-click share, etc..

API Hooks

We have internal and external API hooks that enable deeper integrations with ESPs, CRMs and more. 

Data Export

Export your complete data set in real-time from your console and slice and dice so that you can run more personalized campaigns as you go.


Integrate analytical tools like Google Analytics or 3rd party products to analyze data and drive better results in real time.


Run as sweepstakes and use registrations to generate more leads while rewarding users who sign up.

Run on any device

Our products run on Mobile, PC or Tablet seamlessly, from full-screen down to feature phone.

“Compared to the prior month, Spotify streams of the 64 songs involved in the bracket increased 50% for our Pearl Jam Tour campaign.”

Mike Sacchetti of Fame House

“Votion provided the platform and the timely support to ensure our third annual campaign ran as smoothly, and with as much engagement, as it ever has.”

Managing Editor, Powder Magazine

"Votion is fully committed to providing great tools and support to their clients. They truly partner with you and ensure that the needs of clients/customers are fully met.”

Jason Young, Tronc

“I just wanted to thank you guys so much.. We saw a HUGE increase in traffic over the previous year.. Having the reporting tools and being able to share the data with our customers is a huge plus. Votion really took Shrub Madness from a home grown idea to a legitimate contest.”

Marketing, Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.

“We achieved all our business goals with more than 60,000 registrations, 10% forward to a friend rate, 7,000 prize redemptions, and an expected ROI between 5.60 and 6.60!”

Director of Online Marketing, Playboy
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