Activision & Votion

Activison Blizzard is one the the largest gaming & eSports companies in the world with games such as Call of Duty & Guitar Hero, and eSports properties like Major League Gaming. 

For their 2016 Call of Duty World League eSports tournament they turned to Votion to power their group play, bracket play, and leaderboard portions of the event, featuring 32 competitive Call of Duty teams from around the world for a sold-out event at the Forum in Los Angeles.

The prize pool was $2,000,000, which was the largest prize pool in Call of Duty Championship history.  

The Idea

Activison Blizzard first used the Votion World Cup Style Group Play product as a precursor to a Spectator Mode bracket, and asked their fans to choose 1st and 2nd place in each of the 8 groups to advance to the Call of Duty Championship Bracket campaign. Here is how it looked: 



Then Activision used a Prediction Mode Bracket where users went through the entire bracket, filling out each bracket with their predicted winners. 

Each match up was set in advance allowing the users to effortlessly go through the entire bracketing challenge.




When users were done making their predictions, Activision Blizzard captured tie-breaker scores as well as an acceptance of a legal sign-off field before including the ability to share predictions socially. 



In the Spectator Mode campaign creators are enabled to advance winners of matchups based on real-world outcomes. Pro-gamers played Call of Duty live at an arena and as they won, the winners were updated in the system and advanced by the Votion platform.
After each advancement an optional Leaderboard was updated that showcased the live scores of fans who were participating in the campaign ranked in order. During play, players were automatically ranked based on how well they were doing compared to everyone else.
The leaderboard was highly customizable for the bracket campaign and it looked like this:
Ultimately the winner was selected and the completed bracket campaign looked like this:

The Results

- Over 60% completion rate of predictions for visitors with over 30,000 registrations created
- Before the campaign even started 
fans had viewed more than 1.1 billion minutes of content across 100 million tune ins

Rob Kostich EVP and GM of Call of Duty summed it up nicely in this BusinessWire article:

“Call of Duty XP was an epic fan celebration, and the perfect place to host the biggest Call of Duty competition in history,” 

“The excitement and energy today was huge. What a great finals match and tournament. We created the CWL to celebrate great competition and the best fans in the world. Today lived up to every expectation. Congratulations to Team EnVyUs and thanks to the entire Call of Duty community for making Call of Duty XP the most amazing fan celebration in the world.”