Votion has multiple options for powering eSports campaigns and leagues. We offer the following products as well as handle custom eSports product development for enterprise clients.

World Cup Style / Group Play Selection

This mode is normally used as either a standalone seeding selection or as a precursor to a Spectator Mode bracket. Here's what the Activision Call of Duty COD Champs 2016 campaign looked like in action:


Votion products are flexible and customizable, and while the above showcases selections for Group Play where users choose 1st and 2nd place in each group to advance, that's entirely customizable. 

eSports Brackets

We support the creation of brackets leveraging 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 competitors. The system runs on it's own once the competitors are entered and play begins. Start within the Bracket or first run Group Play and then let your users fill out their bracket in Prediction mode.

Prediction mode (aka Fill In Your Bracket mode)
In this mode users go through the entire bracket in it's entirety to fill out which competitors they think will win. They do this by walking through each matchup that is set up in advance. This is the same mode that we use to power NCAA Tournament Brackets

Here's the same Call of Duty campaign in Prediction mode:



When users are done making their predictions we have optional mechanisms to capture tie-breaker scores, accept legal terms and conditions and more, including the ability to share predictions socially:


Spectator Mode

Our eSports brackets run in Spectator Mode. This enables the campaign creators to advance winners of matchups based on real-world outcomes. In this example, pro gamers played Call of Duty live at an arena and as they won, the winners were updated in the system and advanced by the Votion platform. After each advancement an optional Leaderboard is updated that shows the live scores of fans who are participating in the campaign ranked in order. 


During play we automatically rank players based on how well they are doing compared to everyone else. The leaderboard is highly customizable. Here are two different views showcasing the options:

Votion default leaderboard view

Customized leaderboard

We also support showing user predictions. Here's what the winner of the Call of Duty example's bracket looked like:


Other options

We have many other features, including:

  • Real time data export for registrations, predictions, email sign-ups and more
  • Single Sign On integration
  • Custom domain names and whitelabeling 
  • JSON data API for real time push/pull of data
  • Ability to extend with other products like Matchups, StackUp, Polls that can be run during play
  • Ability to leverage Votion Interactive Ads to sell more sponsorships and advertising for your campaigns
  • and much more...

Other options

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