Gain valuable input while driving engagement

Interactive Lists enable users to re-rank a list order based on their preference. They can then save the results and share with friends. For the first time ever, users now have a voice in the order of a published list. Use this brand new way to capture customer sentiment on any topic.  

With it comes our patent-pending TrueRank technology that harnesses the wisdom of the crowd and produces the statistically accurate ranking of the list based on input.

Fun, mobile first experience

Interactive Lists run from full screen to mobile and are seamless across all channels. 


Out-of-the-box features include:

  • Built for scale on the Votion infrastructure
  • Email capture, custom messaging 
  • Internationalization options - run in any language
  • Native Facebook, Twitter and other social integration 

Transparency & Control:

  • Secure & Private dashboard
  • 100% control of content before, during & after campaign
  • Real time stats & data download
  • Third Party Analytics
  • Automation Integrations - Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.


  • Highly engaging product - can be used for many different use cases
  • Amazing mobile experience
  • Cost effective - no development resources required to run a campaign
  • Drive higher CTRs & CPMs across your channels
  • Enable users to voice their preferences in an innovative way
  • Provide customized calls to action after users engage

Use Cases & Ideas

There are endless uses: Top 10 lists, Song Lists, Movie Lists, Campaign/Cause based Lists, Product Lists, and so many more!