Interactive Polls

Votion Interactive Polls enable you to tell your brand story in a highly engaging way while gathering valuable customer input and sentiment. Ask your audience to give quick input on any topic

We have two options to choose from:

Multi Select Polls

With multi-select polls you can enable users to vote for one or more piece of content that they choose. It's a great way to ask things like "Which 5 of these features would you like us to build" and get more than one reply per person.

Single Select Polls

With single-select polls users may only choose one item that they can submit. This is most similar to other "standard" poll products on the market.

Try out this live example:



Out-of-the-box features include:

  • Built for scale on the Votion infrastructure
  • Include photos, video, audio and embed any type of rich media
  • Show or hide vote counts and percentages before and after voting
  • Optional email capture before & after engagement
  • Optional forced registration to collect deep demographic information
  • Internationalization options - run in any language
  • Native Facebook, Twitter and other social integration 

Transparency & Control:

  • Secure & Private dashboard
  • 100% control of content before, during & after campaign
  • Real time stats & data download
  • Third Party Analytics
  • Automation Integrations - Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.


  • Unique polling product that can be used for many different use cases
  • Multi-vote mode leveraging input on 1 or more topics
  • Amazing mobile experience
  • Cost effective - no development resources required to run a campaign
  • Drive higher CTRs & CPMs
  • Generate more pageviews
  • Increase time on page and on site
  • Provide customized calls to action after users engage

Here's an example campaign from the NCAA enabling fans to vote on which championship match to feature. This is a great example of engaging an audience while leveraging feedback for an upcoming event: