M&M & Votion

M&M is the largest specialty frozen food store chain in Canada. When they were looking for a new way to drive lead generation, they turned to Votion and ran a Prediction & Voting Bracket.





The campaign asked readers to name their favorite foods in a series of voting rounds. The original question was:

What’s your favourite food from M&M Meat Shops?

As an incentive to register and particpate in the interactive campaign users were offered the chance to win an M&M $500 product giveaway. 

How Did It Work?

First users were asked to sign up with a simple registration process, which was accented with an even simpler call-to-action.


Prediction Mode

After registration, users were prompted to fill out their brackers by selecting the foods they thought would be favorited once the campaign opened up for voting. In this phase the users were entered into the sweepstakes.

Prediction phase ran for about a week and thenthe bracket opened for public voting.

Voting Mode

In voting mode users voted for the foods they liked the best and the winning foods from each matchup advanced to subsequent rounds. In the last, final match up a winner was declared.


For extra fan engagement M&M Meats leveraged the Votion real-time leaderboard showing the top 10 users who most accurately predicted the campaign's outcome. 



It's safe to say the campaign was a wild success! M&M saw a 39% conversion rate for their campaign, and surpassed their goal by over 130% in the first 5 days alone.

“We launched yesterday and have well over 500 filled brackets on about 700 registrations, so must be really intuitive experience. Hoping to hit over 1000 entries by Wednesday!

Derek Weidl, Digital Marketing Specialist

By Wednesday they reached 2,307 entries, surpassing the goal by 130% and the interactive campaign still wasn't over!

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