Swipe to like

StackUp allows consumers to give their input in a matter of a few swipes left or right. Place your content into StackUp and let users swipe right for what they like and left for what they don't. Afterwards, provide a call to action to collect email sign-ups, promote social sharing, or give a discount or special offer.

Here's a live example:

Fun, mobile first experience

StackUp runs great from full screen down to mobile, and was produced as a mobile-first product. StackUp is great for driving engagement while capturing great feedback from users.


Out-of-the-box features include:

  • Built for scale on the Votion infrastructure
  • Email capture, custom messaging 
  • Accomodate interstitial ads during voting (optional)
  • Internationalization options - run in any language
  • Native Facebook, Twitter and other social integration 

Transparency & Control:

  • Secure & Private dashboard
  • 100% control of content before, during & after campaign
  • Real time stats & data download
  • Third Party Analytics
  • Automation Integrations - Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.


  • Highly engaging product - can be used for many different use cases
  • Amazing mobile experience
  • Cost effective - no development resources required to run a campaign
  • Drive higher CTRs & CPMs
  • Generate more pageviews
  • Increase time on page and on site
  • Provide customized calls to action after users engage


Use Cases & Ideas

Because the product is so new and the traditional use cases for swipe to like have mostly been available to dating-specific apps, we’ve put a few ideas together that might be relevant for your organization:

Media & Publishers

  • Have an advertiser sponsor a native content series enabling users to swipe for content they like / dislike
  • Run an editorial piece showcasing recent relevant content within a topic & drive users to deeper content if they swipe right
  • Poll your audience on something that's funny

CPG Brands

  • Run an inspirational campaign asking which locales users wish they could vacation at next. Ask for emails, and reward one winner at random with an all expenses paid trip.
  • Ask consumers to help choose the next style or color for your product line

Retail / Restaurants / Bars

  • Patrons at a bar could use StackUp to pick the next beer to be on tap next week
  • Put an iPad in a section of the store hosting the newest clothes you have in stock. Let consumers swipe through and take the list of “likes” and direct buyers right to those items. In the background, you’re collecting real time input on buyer sentiment, and can leverage this data to make better purchasing decisions.


  • Run StackUp within a category and let consumers swipe through products they like. Present them with a specific list of recommendations based on what they swiped right for.
  • Create deep links to Add to Cart and product detail pages
  • Similar to the above, only instead of recommendations, reward users with a discount for swiping, and gain that input they gave you in real time.


  • NFL Draft round 1 picks
  • Favorite trail running shoe
  • Which players will have the best week this week?


  • Swipe through issues that are important to your constituents. Gain input on what’s most important to them. 

We recently wrote a blog post about StackUp. Check it out here.