This Versus That Matchups - quick campaign type for fast engagement and input.

Ask your audience to give quick input on pretty much anything. This versus style setup puts one entity against another in a matchup that can be set up in seconds leveraging the Votion console.

This lightweight product runs amazingly well natively and can even fit in traditional digital ad slots like a 300x600. Matchups are binary - they ask users to choose one competitor over another.

Matchups save voter data in console, and you have access to the analytics and data in real time. If you are looking for a quick way to poll your audience in a fast and fun campaign type this is a great new option.

Here are some live use cases:


Or, try out this example: 

All Votion Matchups Feature:

  • Timed campaigns: coming soon, live, completed states
  • Real time raw data export from Console
  • Full branding control (white label option)
  • Advanced customization options
  • "Vote Again" option
  • Ad refresh / Javascript options