NCAA March Madness advertising and marketing campaigns can be hard to create, especially if you’re on a tight deadline and in a rush. With such a big event, there are a lot of eyes and ears pointed at you and your marketing team, which only adds an overwhelming amount of pressure to the existing challenge.

Luckily for you Votion is just about to make it a whole lot easier for you. Not only does Votion offer an amazing platform for you to create your NCAA inspired March Madness marketing bracket campaigns but Votion also wants to give you some ideas on how create the most successful bracket for this year’s tournament.

Here are 3 ideas for creating bracket marketing campaigns during the 2017 March Madness tournament:


  1. A bracket that starts at the beginning of the tournament in March and has it’s last round during the last game.

This concept revolves more around timing than the actual content of the bracket. But as they say, timing is everything. If you have a bracket that continues throughout the tournament alongside actual March Madness brackets it will be easier and more convenient for fans to fill out. Fans are already in the bracket mindset during this season, so filling out another bracket with their predictions or their favorites isn’t inconvenient or annoying and is likely to be as enjoyed as much as the other bracket they’re already engaging with. 

  1. A bracket that puts the best against the best.

Whether its favorite products, actors or moments in March Madness history, pitting fans’ favorite anything’s against each other is always fun. It allows them to be more invested because it is putting aspects of life that they love up against each other and seeing what will be the ultimate favorite. It allows fans to root for their favorites, boo what they hate and compare their interests with those of their friends. And they get to do all of this while they are already rooting for their favorite teams and players during the March Madness tournament. This idea will only heighten the excitement for the season and may even spark some interest in the season within in demographics other than male sports fans.


  1. A prediction bracket with a prize.

Who doesn’t like winning prizes? The correct answer is no one. So why not create a prediction bracket where people can fill in a bracket and then win a prize if they are correct about the champion. The content can revolve around any theme or any product as long as the winner who chose the correct winning participant gets a prize. You could even tailor the structure of the prize-winning to encourage more particpants by having rounds of prizes. If you pick the correct winners in first round you get a small prize, you pick the correct winners in the second round you get a bigger prize and so on. The prizes can range from as small as a 15% off coupon off the winning product or as grand as tickets to a movie festival. Either way people have an incentive to engage with the bracket and the brand sponsoring the bracket. They are going to be as enticed as they are when attempting to win the big pot of betting money with their March Madness bracket.

These ideas blended with your own creative and flexible content will allow you to create a topical and engaging marketing campaign that will blow your competitors out of the water.

Want to learn more about the world of bracketology? Check out the Bracketology site here! 

Want more ideas of how to better your March Madness marketing campaign? Great! We got them, reach out below and we’ll be in touch!