For Sports fans, March is a very exciting time due to the NCAA Basketball tournament. Leveraging Brackets as a theme, we’ve pulled 4 Votion client campaigns together to showcase. 

Many brands and publishers are now leveraging March Madness to create their own bracket campaigns to drive engagement, conversions, & to give their brand a unique way to connect with their audiences. Votion is proud to work with so many great clients, and in what will become an ongoing campaign, have featured 4 here. 

  1. Take Part: Rare & Ready to Be Saved: TakePart is running another amazing campaign that is driving awareness for endangered animals. Check it out, and get inspired with what this non-profit is up to! 


  1. #Lootmadness: Lootcrate has created a prediction bracket campaign by assembling 64 characters from 4 different genres (comic books, video games, animie and fantasy/sci-fi) where users can choose their favorite characters in round by round matchups. They started leveraging prediction mode, so some lucky winners who most accurately predicted the outcome of the campaign will win great prizes from the company. Screen_Shot_2016-03-14_at_12.41.45_PM.png
  2. Watauga Democrat 2016 March Madness: Watauga has created a campaign where users can vote and predict who is going to win the NCAA basketball tournament. This campaign is sponsored by Carolina West Wireless and the winner will receive a cash prize of $200 from the company. This is part of the Tribune Publishing Group. Screen_Shot_2016-03-14_at_1.20.43_PM.png
  3. Wikia / prediction and vote campaign (leveraging our brand new Spectator Mode campaign type!)



Many brands and publishers are now creating some amazing bracket campaigns around March Madness to drive tons of engagement, page views, lead generation and revenue from sponsorships. Let us know what type of bracket campaign you want to create and Votion can help you achieve your goals.