Forbes has utilized Votion’s bracketing platform to decide which of the many absurd moments that have occurred throughout this year’s presidential election was the absolute craziest and they want you to help!

Currently on the first round, Forbes has narrowed down the most ridiculous moments from the last 18 months shared by Trump, Hillary and all of us Americans in between to a bracket of 32 moments. Some of these including Trump’s claim that Obaba founded ISIS, the FBI Clinton Email Hunt, Melania Trump’s stolen speech and Trump’s comparison of Syrain refugees to lethal skittles; just to name a few.

The 32 choices will battle it out in match up after match up until only 3 unbelievable moments remain to challenge each other. From those top 3 a true champion will emerge and be named as the most ludicrous, over-the-top, strange, face-palming moment from the 2016 presidential election.

Check out the interactive bracket on and vote for your favorite moments.

May the most ridiculous moment win!