Marketers need to know when and where to place their marketing campaigns during the March Madness tournament. Where will their campaigns get the most visibility and click-through’s? Where will fans be the most engaged, what channel will the fans utilize to access March Madness related content?

We’ve broken it down into 3 categories: TV, Mobile and Desktop. What are the advantages and disadvantages of focusing marketing content through each of these channels and which channel will work the best for your individual marketing campaign?



In 2016 March Madness Selection Show had the lowest ratings in 20 years. But In 2015 the overall tournament had the highest ratings it had seen in the past 22 years. So I guess you could say that the popularity of watching the tournament on cable TV is a bit of a hit or miss. People like watching live-action games on the big screen. But with younger generations lending themselves to streaming and mobile apps to get their game highlights, stats and access to entire games; watching via cable networks will more than likely go out of style in the somewhat near future. With an HDMI chord, there’s simply no need to sit through TV commercials when fans can get a much more interactive and engaging digital marketing experience online and still the same big screen experience.



As most content marketers know mobile continues to reign over the content marketing sphere. This is true during March Madness as well. Mobile access to live streams, commentary, updated brackets, highlights, March Madness focused apps and access to betting pools continues this king’s reign. Mobile allows the March Madness season to be everywhere, all the time. The visibility of this mobile content probably goes past the other two channels simply because people always have their phones on them and are constantly checking their phones no matter where they might be. If you want your marketing campaign to find success, make it mobile. You’ll gain the most visibility and potential of retaining fans’ attention.

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Desktop Computer

No one wants to be sitting up right, watching an entire game on his or her desktop computer. But laptops, tablets and other mobile streaming devices have their advantages as the content they produce is, again, accessible everywhere all the time. Streaming has become the way of the future, whether it’s through a legal subscription or a pirated site. Streaming is easy and can have as good visual quality as that of a cable aired game, so why not? The digital marketing opportunities with this channel are so much more unique, creative, engaging and simply all-around better for the customer. Ads and marketing campaigns can become more personal and interactive, allowing the customer and fan to better enjoy his or her viewing experience. 


No matter what channel your marketing campaign is tailored to it is important to remember the quality of the content you’re marketing. Fun and engaging content that will impress viewers and fans will find you success. And if you don’t know what channel to fit your marketing campaign to, take a page out of the March Madness playbook and be everywhere. Be in all the social media feeds, be in or near every mention, comment or break of a March Madness game to insure visibility and better engagement for your brand.


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Lets start creating your unique and engaging digital content marketing strategy just in time for March Madness.