StackUp is a swipe to like for any topic. It’s like Tinder for Anything and it works across any device in both mobile and on the web. For the first time ever brands, publishers and organizations can now run highly engaging campaigns leveraging a familiar “swipe to like” interface while gathering sentiment from consumers in real time.

We’ve long been fans of new ways to capture data while enabling our clients to tell their stories via innovative products. And while many organizations continue to rely on tried and true methods of data capture from survey’s and polls, we’ve set out to expand the set of options available and to leverage cutting edge technology to do so. Along the way we’ve been so impressed with both the quality of ideas and diverse set of use cases the products we offer have been used for. We’ve seen Brackets used by public companies to predict and assess risks to their companies, have captured sentiment on all sorts of fun (and sometimes serious) topics, and have had our Matchups and Polls used by some of the world’s largest brands and publishers to get their content and stories out in creative ways, while asking for user input along the way.

So, after capturing hundreds of millions of engagements across our suite so far, we set out to empower organizations with another innovative product that they can leverage in a mobile-first manner that gives them access to the same cutting edge interface that’s become so wildly popular.

Swipe to Like

With StackUp we bring the power of the “swipe to like” interface to any organization across any topic. StackUp campaigns are so incredibly simple to setup that they take minutes, and no technical help is needed (at all!). The front end interface is elegant, and the data captured is available to clients in real time through our Console.

Go ahead and give it a try!