Here is a round-up of changes made to the Votion bracket platform since the end of the 2016 March Madness season:

  • Detailed analytics are now available. Here is a screenshot of it in action:


  • Enhanced mobile UX by moving matchup above birds eye view

Improved control for messaging. Messaging is now available for:

  • Prediction Page
  • Prediction Completed
  • Coming Soon Message
  • Voting Logged In
  • Voting Not Logged In
  • Voting Finished
  • Bracket Completed

We’ve also added these configuration options to each campaign:

  • Force Registration flag
  • Show Signup Flag
  • Show Current Round flag
  • Show Vote flag
  • Show Percentage flag

Real time stats module is now available.
This replaces the old matchup-list page and is very informative.

Facebook AppID integration is in place
We now use Facebook’s Open Graph for rich social sharing within Facebook. To allow the Votion applications to share on behalf of your hosting page, your hosting page needs to be registered in Facebook as an app. Follow the instructions in our blog post to create your Facebook App and AppID. NOTE: If the AppID is not available, we will default to the older Facebook Sharing API that has more limited functionality.
In addition, we’ve also:
  • Updated the help section with more relevant contextual help
  • Launched a Group / World Cup Play module – run group selections before preview mode, then allow competitors to advance through a normal bracket using our Spectator Mode Campaign option (enterprise only).
  • Ability to change vote delay interval – for hacker / bot detection we have a vote submit delay in place. This is now customizable – ask us if you would like your default changed.