Looking to drive more signups or generate leads through content for your social marketing contest?

Brands are almost always looking to increase the number of registrations or sign ups to their social marketing campaigns. These five tips will immediately help you boost your data collection without being demanding.

1) Make the campaign something the user loves. Don’t look just at what you are looking to get out of the campaign. Ask yourself what is in it for the user? Make it worth their time to participate. Give away something for participation, or create something of value to your audience. In doing so, you’ll increase the likelihood of repeat engagement and are in a stronger position to as for more data about them.

2) Don’t force registration to participate. Even if you are running a campaign that requires user information before awarding a prize, or if you need information to complete a campaign, see if you can widen the scope of the campaign by allowing for anonymous participation. In doing so, and if you have a campaign that the user loves, chances are they will tell others to participate and you will reach a larger audience. By not forcing users to give up information to participate you are giving something away without asking for anything in return, and this usually results in a win.

3) Give back! Find user posted content and engage with fans outside of the destination pages. If for example you are running a user generated photo contest and fans are tweeting about their submissions, reach out and engage with them along the way. Replying to Tweets in Twitter is a sure fire way to increase overall engagement, and you’ll be getting in front of some new users by doing so. If your brand is active on Twitter, retweet often, especially if you have a large audience. Nothing makes users happen than getting a retweet or mention from a brand they like or love who also has a following. Like user pages on Facebook if they engage there, and share what they are sharing to increase reciprocity. Go outside of the norm and look at individual participants blogs to find relevant items to share. Give back!

4) Simplify the registration or sign-up process. Do you really need a users first and last name, age and zip code? In most cases, a simple email capture will do: it’ll enable you to reach out to them later (if they opted-in, of course) and it will be very easy for them to get involved if they aren’t asked for more. Thie is exptremely important to generate leads through content.

5) Wait until after participation to ask for user info. If you are running a campaign that allows for up front participation with no ask of the user, look for ways to engage with them after they are done participating. For example – in our user generated photo contest example, if users can vote for their favorite option without registering, you have a great opportunity when they are done voting to ask them to enter their email (to receive updates about the campaign, to opt into your list, etc.). If you have a good break point in a multi-touchpoint campaign, ask then. Weigh the benefits of asking vs not asking when making the decision, and err on the side of anonymity if possible.

In closing…

By applying these five tips you can immediately start to increase the number of registrations and generate leads through content without being pushy, and without asking before giving something away. If you want to learn how Votion can help you generate leads through content by providing effective interactive content tools, then contact us to learn more!