According to HubSpot, nearly 70% of big companies are using gamification to get their users hooked on their campaigns. Many brands are now doing a great job in creating interactive campaigns specially during the holiday season. Whether it’s the 4th of July, Halloween, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, it is a great time for the marketers to attract more customers to their brands and increase their sales.

As more and more shoppers are now shopping online, it has become extremely important for marketers to create content that attracts users to their website to generate leads through content. Online shoppers will spend a staggering $337 Billion in 2016, and 50% of holiday sales will be influenced by digital interactions such as online browsing. This shows that it is truly important for marketers to create engaging content during this time.

To do so, marketers need to move from creating passive content such as blog posts to more interactive form such as brackets, quizzes, interactive infographics, polls and other types of products to keep users more engaged through gamification.

Now let’s dive in and showcase 6 amazing benefits of creating interactive content during the Holiday season:

  1. Boost Sales: Interactive form of content marketing converts 2 times faster than static content. When a user likes a piece of your content, submits an answer to a quiz, or votes for his/her favorite competitor in a bracket or poll, you as a marketer now know what their preferences are and what they are interested in. You can then collect and analyze this valuable data on consumer preferences and use targeted sales campaigns to boost your sales during the holiday season.
  1. Easier emotional connections are possible: By using interactive marketing, marketers can ask questions and share memories about the holiday season to connect with their audience and generate more attention. Focus on what people love and care about during the season, create interactive campaigns around these topics, and create a strong emotional connection with your audience. In a fill in the blank Facebook contest Real Beauty Should Be Shared by Dove, they asked their fans to fill the blank with the name of their friends along with two reasons why they represent ‘Real Beauty” and what makes them beautiful. The idea was to promote self-esteem for women and girls, and the brand was extremely successful in creating emotional connection with their audience through this campaign.interactive content dove
  1. More engagement: In order to generate leads thorough content and increase your sales during holiday seasons, marketers look for content that can create more engagement and drive their audience to their website. What’s more effective than interactive tools to achieve that goal? During holiday season people share more images, videos, and other pieces of content than any other time of year. By making your campaigns more interactive and fun, audiences get attached to your campaign and engage more frequently with it. In 2014 Aol. created a “Christmas Song Madness” bracket contest where users could vote for their favorite Christmas song in America. It was a great campaign for the company during the holiday season and their fans loved it. The campaign ran for nearly 2 weeks and resulted in astonishing 645,000+ votes and 1.8 million page views. interactive content aol
  1. Know what your customers think: By creating brackets, polls, or quizzes, marketers can easily learn what their customers think about the product or service they are selling. This can help marketers know what their customers actually think when are generating new ideas during holiday season and optimize their marketing and sales campaigns. Fruit of the Loom created a quiz where they wanted the consumers to see underwear as a viable gift and also offered an incentive to engage. This was a great campaign to see who consumers think is a good idea to send underwear as a gift. interactive content fruite of the loom
  1. Make your brand stand out: Interactive tools also help marketers create unique content for their audiences that is fun and exciting, ultimately making your brand stand out! By allowing users take part in your interactive content, they feel more inclined and connected to your brand and that can drive sales, especially during the holiday season.
  1. Generate email list growth and deliver offers during the Holidays: Interactive tools when run with an email capture can easily help you generate leads through content and drive sales. A staggering 94.7% of brands use their promotion forms to collect an email address. Brands can use these valuable email lists to deliver offers and information about their products & campaigns now and into the future.


Interactive content marketing is fast becoming the next big thing that marketers need in order to engage and delight their audiences. As more and more brands are now looking to create exhilarating content during the Holiday season in order to increase their sales and brand image, interactive content is the way to go. If you want to learn more on how Votion can help you create engaging content and add value to campaign then contact us to learn more.