Content Marketing types such as blog posts, whitepapers, podcasts etc. are great at educating customers but these static forms of content marketing tools does not create enough opportuniy for enagement. Marketers who are looking to generate new leads or increase their conversion rates do not effectively achieve their marketing goal through content marketing strategies. Now they are looking for new ways to delight their audiences, keep them hooked to their campaigns, and increase their brand awareness and loyalty with their customers. Enter interactive Content Marketing!

Interactive Content Marketing is the King and gives marketers the opportuntiy to achieve their marketing goals in a much easier and faster way. It gives marketers the opportunity to know more about their audience sentiments by creating a two way interaction with their users that encourages them to engage and share their content.

Lets look at the infograhic below to understand some content marketing stats, its challenges and why marketers should consider interactive marketing more than content marketing:


These statistics show how important interactive content marketing has become in order to help marketers create and keep customers. However, with the rise of interactive content marketing and rapidly changing digital industry, marketers are also facing a big challenge to know what interactive content tools will suit their campaign strategy and how they can find new ways to keep their users engaged and stay ahead of their competition. Do not worry! Votion provides innovative tools that can help you easily build engaging content that your users will love. If you want to learn more about Votion, then click on the link below to know more about our products or contact us.