The NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament is a dream opportunity for advertisers. With fans glued to their individual screens advertisers can showcase their creative ideas through multiple channels and formats and guarantee some views as long as these concepts accompany one of the tournament’s games.

This is the time for advertisers to showcase their best, but stay topical to maintain the interest of fans. Which is why advertisers during the March Madness season should look to interact advertising as their next creative outlet.

Here are a 2 reasons why interactive ads are a number one seed strategy when it comes to advertising during March Madness: 


Echo Nature

Basketball fans are already studying, researching, betting and arguing over all of the 65 participating teams to create the perfect bracket. An advertisement that centers around a topical match up or it’s own creative bracket would speak to these already engaged fans directly. The advertisement focuses on driving the customer’s engagement with the brand as well as their engagement with the tournament and the season. The interactivity, individualization and focused features of these ads maintain public interest with the sport and raises interest in the participating brand.



According to a Fortune article published in 2015, in 2014 Americans spent 664 million hours watching March Madness live on TV or streaming through various devices. That is 75.7 thousand years! That much time spent watching March Madness means that there are thousands of hours spent watching, clicking, or just noticing ads. But what if instead of fans noticing your ads on the side of their screen or in between plays, they could actually interact with the ads right then and there? No matter what device they’re on, they could engage with a fun, interactive challenge immediately in your advertisement. This would drive up your brand engagement, gain specified customer feedback, and differentiate your customer experience from all of your competitors.


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