March Madness is rapidly approaching and is going to be the next big opportunity for marketers. That’s a big claim, but March Madness 2017 offers marketers the perfect timing to step outside their comfort zone and give their customers the digital marketing campaign they’ve been waiting for.

Here is why March Madness 2017 should be the main theme song of Dirty Dancing because it will be the time of all marketers’ lives:


Longer Engagement Periods

Fans of the big tournament have to prepare for the games days or weeks in advance to research and learn more about their favorite teams to better their prediction brackets. This is a great opportunity for marketers because it allows them multiple chances to engage with their consumers through multiple digital channels. March Madness fans use TV’s, computers, mobile devices and smart watches that they check every day to gather dates, times, data, advice and understanding so that they can make the most educated predictions for their brackets. At the same time, marketers can offer not only more content – but better customer experiences, content and advertising – to this targeted audience through these digital channels during this time.

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Build Anticipation

With these longer engagement periods that marketers have with March Madness viewers, they can also build up excitement and anticipation through marketing content that leads up to the final game. During the final game, they can reveal new products and content that are all but guaranteed to be seen. By building up to this single day, marketing stratigies with focused, educational content, the excitement for the product or the campaign presented on the day of the game will be even more positively received since the customers have been anxiously waiting for it. They may be more excited about your game day marketing campaign than the game itself!



A Chance To Unveil Your Creativity

March Madness drew in an average of 17.8 million American viewers – and that’s only counting TV viewership! With that much of a spotlight, marketing teams are going to have to dazzle audiences with unique strategies that engage each individual of this mass audience. This isn’t an easy task, but it’s the opportunity of a marketer’s career! With constant advancements in technology and the marketing world always becoming more personal, marketers have the chance to create something truly revolutionary. Mix that in with longer periods of engagement and building anticipation and you gain the perfect moment to showcase that creation.



Now, with March Madness 2017 on the horizon, is the time to start building your customer experience and personalizing marketing campaigns with interactive, challenge based marketing content such as polls, interactive lists, and of course brackets!

More than 40 million Americans filled out nearly 70 million tournament brackets in this last year. Make one of those brackets yours or your brand’s. Utilize your creativity and technology with new forms of content to build an emotional experience that circles around the already passionate, chaotic and exciting experience of watching and playing basketball.

Take advantage of the longer periods of engagement and get invested early so that your marketing campaign is everywhere every day of this tournament. Guarantee new and old consumers never miss a beat with your brand and that they remember who and what you are all about.

Ready to start your March Madness marketing journey? We’re ready to guide you along the way. Find out more about our NCAA inspired bracket platform today, or sign up free below!