NCAA prediction style brackets have found a permanent home every March with the NCAA basketball tournament. But their potential could stretch all year, espcially for marketers. Brands can utilize prediction and voting brackets to increase engagement, educate consumers and increase sale leads.

But how?

Here are 3 great ideas on how your brands can use bracket marketing to your advantage and increase your customer engagement:


Topical Bracket:

Find a topic that deals with your industry and holds interest for your existing consumer base. For example, if you are an entertainment magazine you could create a bracket that deals with the greatest TV couples of all time. Your readers can pick their favorite TV couples round by round and return to your site constantly to make sure their favorites make it to the top of the bracket. It guarantees the brand a captured email address, specified customer sentiment, shares and the return of site visitors. It also allows brands to engage with audiences in a way that is completely different from the brand’s competitors and allowing them to be remembered.



Product Bracket:

Allow your products to battle it out for the grand prize of being your customers’ favorite. It will allow your consumers to engage and learn about your newest products simultaneously. It will also give you a better understanding of what your customers are looking for in their experience with your brand and products. You will also learn which products are in higher demand, giving you the power to personalize and tailor your marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly. The best part is that your customers get to feel like they’re filling in another fun and expciting sports bracket.



What’s Next Bracket:

The previous brackets were voting brackets, they give your customers the power to share their opinions and pick their favorites while engaging with your brand. A “What’s Next Bracket” is a prediction bracket and is structured exactly the same as a NCAA March Madness bracket. But now you can utilize it’s assets and make them work for you and your brand. Consumers can predict outcomes and announce their theories about the future of characters, plot lines, sports teams, products, concepts, real events, etc. 



With NCAA March Madness 2017 only a couple months away everyone has brackets on the mind. How to make the best bracket? What teams are going to make up the Final Four? Who is going to be the underdog to watch out for? But brands and marketers should be thinking about how to make these sports inspired brackets work for them. By implementing these brackets into your marketing campaign you will drive engagement, see an increase in sale leads and provide a unique, personalized experience for your consumers to genuinely enjoy.


So what are you waiting for? Create a bracketing marketing campaign today by clicking below!

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