Here we are! It’s 2016, which means new marketing initiatives to engage and delight your audience, and new opportunities to increase revenue through your campaigns.

In 2015 we saw Content Marketing change from a more static and passive approach to more interactive and visual form that provides far better results for marketers. If you are looking for ways to drive more engagement and results for your content, then Interactive Content is the way to go.

Here are some of the stats by Content Marketing Institute  and Kapost you should consider:

  • interactive content generates conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content.
  • 93% of marketers said interactive content is somewhat or very effective at educating the buyer, versus just 70% for static content.
  • 38% said interactive content is somewhat or very effective at being shared, versus just 17% for static content.
  • 76% say creating more engaging content is their #1 priority in 2016

Marketers are now looking for tools to help them create engaging, creative and interactive content. Here are some of the interactive content tools from Votion that you may want to consider for lead generation, better conversion (we have seen 30% conversion rate consistently on our campaigns), higher audience engagement and to gather valuable audience data and sentiments.

1. Brackets: Brackets are fun and interactive way to drive incredible engagement for your campaign. It run over multiple rounds driving repeat engagement on topics of interest and effective in creating market buzz for your product. Campaigns see very high time on site/in app, repeat usage & social shares. It also enables your fans to get competitive and have multi channel conversations with your audience to help build and grow your community.

Brackets are easy to create and are great at generating leads through registrations and driving revenue through sponsorships, advertisements and product purchases during the campaign.


2. Visual Polls: Visual Polls are great at gaining audiences’ real time sentiments and preferences. It enables users to simply choose item(s) based on their preferences. Users click and vote on the item(s) they like, and the beauty of Visual Polls is that there is no right or wrong answers. You gather real time sentiment and user input while showcasing your content in a highly visual manner.

Consumers like to share their preferences and opinions that drives more engagement. Polls are great way to leverage any piece of existing content and get useful feedback from your consumers. Through CRM or marketing automation, you can send relevant information about your product to your users and increase your sales.


3. Interactive Lists: With round by round play and built-in gamification, Interactive Lists lets users list items according to their preferences and also add new items to the list. It is a brand new way to engage your audience and know your customer sentiments on any topic or products. Easily add call to action and drive results from your campaign.

You can gather valuable insights and see what your customers prefer in your content and what items they add to make your content more relevant to their needs. Interactive Lists are opinion and preference based so you get the honest and the most relevant information from your valuable customers.


4. Quizzes: Quizzes tests and challenges your audience to drive engagement on any topic. It lets users to attempt and answer the correct answer to your questions. A great interactive content tool at testing knowledge and skills of your audience and educate them on any topic or product. You can offer prizes for the correct answer and drive more audience engagement.

Questions such as ‘Which Adele Are You’ or ‘Test Your Sales Knowledge’ helps develop a deeper connection with your audience as they are passionate about the subject of your question.

Quizzes can be created in minutes and you can easily embed it on any social media platform or multiple platforms that drives more social engagement for your content. Easily collect emails or any other specific information at the end of the quiz while showing results. Generate more revenue by analyzing the data and present targeted offers at the end of the campaign or during the later phase of your sales campaign.


5. StackUp: With few swipes left of right, you can easily gain valuable knowledge about your product. You can easily place your content into Stacker and let users swipe Right for what they like and Left for what they don’t. Afterwards, provide a call to action and drive returns.

Your content will delight in this mobile-first product experience. As more and more users are using mobile devices, therefore marketers are now looking for faster ways to engage them. Stacker is a great interactive content tool to achieve your goals in a much faster way and provide a great user experience.


6. Matchups: In this vote for This Vs That format, marketers can ask your audience to give quick input on pretty much anything. This versus style setup puts one entity against another in a matchup that can be set up in seconds

It is a form of interactive content tool where you can easily gain relevant input about your product or service at the speed of light and have fun while doing it.


With millions of pieces of content created everyday, marketers should look for new ways to cut through the noise and reach their target audience in a much faster way. That’s why interactive content works so well. It is important to also use new ways to tell your story and captivate your audience. Tell us what what interactive content you want to create and Votion will give you a variety of interactive content tools to choose from that fits your messaging and marketing needs.