Bracket maker software can help marketers drive engagement and generate leads. By leveraging the excitement of March Madness any time of the year, the Votion Bracket maker and campaigns are a great option.

What is a bracket maker?

Votion’s bracket maker is software that enables marketers to build March Madness style prediction & voting bracket campaigns.

So what exactly are brackets campaigns?

Brackets let users vote for one competitor over another in a format that resembles NCAA’s March Madness tournaments. These campaigns drive repeat visits and votes, and are highly social. This leads to higher engagement than traditional forms of content marketing. Optionally, a prediction phase can be run that is a great at building your leads list.

Brackets have several benefits for the marketers who run campaigns using them:

  1. By creating a bracket for their social campaign, marketers can drive higher engagement through multiple rounds of voting and social sharing
  2. They can build up a fan base and community by enabling fans to get competitive
  3. They can generate leads through registration and email capture forms
  4. They can generate revenue through advertisements and sponsorships
  5. They can gather customer sentiment and preferences

Marketers, however, face challenges on what tournament bracket maker is the best for their campaign. Depending on their goals and budgets for the campaign, marketers should look for bracket makers that help them achieve their specific goals. For example, if a marketer’s goal is to create a bracket just for audience engagement then there are a few free platforms available. But if they want more from their campaign such as scalability, registration forms, data control, branding customization, and other powerful features, then there are several other platforms that are great. Here are 3 main tournament bracket makers for your social campaign:

  1. Free bracket generator: Free bracket generator lets you create brackets for free. They are easy to create and easy to use brackets that marketers can customize according to their needs.
  2. Bracket Ninja: This is another platform that lets you create HTML5 and CSS3 brackets that you can customize according to your needs. You just need to drop few lines of code on your website to run it online. It also lets Facebook users to invite their friends to join the tournament.                            
  3. Votion: You can create amazing brackets with votion without any coding. Simply upload the competitors via our console, set the schedule, and grab a line of code to drop into your site. A unique product from Votion is our prediction bracket where users can predict the outcome and use registration options for lead generation. Leverage our built in analytics to monitor the campaign in real time, download data and gather valuable audience sentiment.


Creating a bracket should be easy and should help you achieve your marketing goals. With so many platforms available in the market, marketers should choose the best tournament bracket maker platform that meets their needs. If you want to learn how Votion can help you create a bracket and other amazing interactive content, just click on the link below and we would be happy to help you grow your business through our innovative products.

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